How can we distinguish between good and bad materials of silicone drainage system?

silicone drainage system

With the application of silicone drainage system materials in various fields, more and more manufacturers of silicone drainage system have developed. However, due to differences in the selection of raw materials and production process, The quality of the silicone drainage system produced is also different. Because it is an emerging product, many people may not know how to identify the material quality of the silicone drainage system. Next, Xiaobian will teach you a few methods of identification.

Identify good and bad materials for the silicone drainage system

First, look at the smell

The material itself is odorless and gives off a pleasant smell when burned. However, many plastics have a pungent odor when they burn.

Two, look at the color

When the material of silicone drainage system is burned, the tail of the material presents a light blue color, which is relatively light rather than dark, and the flame is not too large, which is not available in many materials.

Three, look at the luster, temperature, sticky

silicone drainage system has gloss and feels more delicate; The temperature needs to be about 170℃ thermoplastic processing, of course, depends on their molecular weight, if the molecular weight is high, the processing temperature is higher; silicone drainage system has strong oil absorption ability and is not easy to feel sticky.

I hope the above methods can be helpful to you in material selection of silicone drainage system!

silicone drainage system


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