The Timeless Beauty of Kundan Jewellery

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Date back to the 16 century, kundan jewellery is the most ancient form of Indian jewellery. The technique of making this jewellery is also the most ancient. The technique involves the setting of precious or semi-precious stones on the base of pure gold of 24K gold. Kundan jewellery is the result of the unique and skillful work of the talented artisans of royal Rajasthan. Kundan jewellery has very important historical and cultural significance. Everyone will highly appreciate the beauty of kundan jewellery whether you are a jewellery enthusiast or a normal person. It is deeply rooted in the Mughals. Kundan jewellery came to India with the Mughals and became the most important jewellery of India mainly in the part of Rajasthan and Gujrat.   


The work kundan itself means gold and is made with highly refined gold. Kundan shows the Mughal's love for jewellery and art. Mughals beautifully define art through jewellery. No doubt it is a timeless beauty. It is the symbol of royalty. For the royal family of Rajasthan, it is a must-have piece of jewellery in their jewellery box. The jewellery is made of gold with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones. Recently due to its high demand it has started coming in Kundan imitation jewellery. They are affordable and within the reach of even middle-class households. It is the most preferred bridal jewellery among brides in India. It has become a popular form of jewellery among Indians. Check out our collection of kundan jewellery at Ciero Jewels.

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