Does car 4g gps tracker for car have remote recording function?

4g gps tracker for car

4g gps tracker for car generally has the functions of "real-time positioning", "smart alarm" and "historical track query". Some positioners can also complete remote oil and power cuts.

Is the 4g gps tracker for car able to complete remote recording?

With the current GPS products on the market, you can find products that can both monitor and record. Usually, when the car owner finds the abnormal situation of the car, he can remotely enable the recording function on the management platform to record the sound around the car to assist in anti-theft positioning.

How to enable remote recording?

To enable remote recording, the usual operation method is to enter your number in the management platform or APP. After the setting is completed, the product will call back to your set number, and you can hear the surrounding sounds when connected. Then complete the operation in the APP and start recording.

4g gps tracker for car


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