3.6V Li-SOCl2 Battery manufacturers

3.6V Li-SOCl2 Battery manufacturers3.6V Li-SOCl2 Battery manufacturers

3.6V Li-SOCl2 Battery manufacturers 3.6V Lithium Battery ER17335 Bobbin Type Li-SCOI2 Battery ER17335M 3.6v 4400mah lithium battery Factory Price OEM Non-Rechargeable 4.4AH Lisocl2 3.6V Lithium ER17335 Battery for Fuel Pump Electrical Characteristics ModelER17335 Nominal voltage3.6V Nominal capacity2200mAh ( At 1.0 mA, +25 C, 2.0V cut off. The capacity restored by the cell varies according to current drain, temperature and cut off voltage ) Max. continuous current100mA (+20掳C Capacity will be 50% as per nominal capacity, end voltage 2.0V. Can provide more higher current.) Max. pulse current200mA (discharge according to pulse characteristics frequency, continue time, temperature, battery state(storage before use) and it is different as the lowest voltage accepted by device. Operating temperature range-60鈩儈+85鈩?/p WeightApprox. 19g Storage temperatureMax. 30鈩?/p Shape2/3A Dimension(max.)17.0*33.5mm(Diameter*Height) Battery typeBobbin Type Electrolyte/ChemistryLithium Thionyl Chloride(Li-SOCl2) BrandRuizhi, Beleader, OEM acceptable EquivalentLS17330 Certification Compliance with the European directive CE RoHS MSDS, UN38.3 Report, ISO9000 Key Features High and stable operating voltage Low self-discharge rate(1% after 1 year storage at +25鈩? Bobbin type Battery potential and battery capacity is function of both current drain and temperature. Energy Type (bobbin structure) battery has very low self discharge on the shelf and during operation. It is best suited for low current discharges. It may require depassivation before medium currents can be delivered. Main Application Smartcard Meter, Fuel Pump, ALPS Rockers, Gas Meter, Water Meter, Monitor Device, Oil Equipment WARNING Safety 鈥?Do not remove the cells from their original packing before use 鈥?Do not store the cells in bulk in order to avoid accidental short circuit. 鈥?Do not disassemble 鈥?Do not recharge. 鈥?Do not solder directly in the cell. 鈥?Do not mix new and used cells or cells from different origins 鈥?Respect the polarities of the cell. Sentences on cell Fire, explosion, and severe burn hazard. 鈥?Do not recharge, crush, disassemble, heat above 212掳F(100掳C) or incinerate. 鈥?Keep battery out of reach of children and in original package until ready to use. 鈥?Dispose of used batteries promptly3.6V Li-SOCl2 Battery manufacturers website:http://www.ruizhibatteries.net/3-6v-li-socl2-battery/


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