Highlights of downdraft dust collector products

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1. Separate chambers to clean dust and collect dust efficiently.

As the ideal downdraft dust collector at present, the Yiheng brand MCdowndraft dust collector adopts the industry-leading pulse cleaning method for chambers. When cleaning, each chamber takes turns. In order to ensure the cleaning effect of the downdraft dust collector, the pulse and cleaning cycle are automatically controlled by the cleaning program, which is automatically and continuously performed according to the preset program.

2. The structure is advanced and reasonable, and the scope of application is wide.

Yiheng Dust Collector chooses high-quality low-resistance electromagnetic pulse valve to more than double the life of the downdraft dust collector's control system and dust bag, reducing maintenance workload. At the same time, the tightness of the downdraft dust collector is enhanced, the air leakage is less than 10%, and the dust removal effect is excellent, which can meet the dust removal needs of various working conditions.

3. It is easy to install in the open air and save costs.

A protective cover is added to the blowing device, and a rain-proof device is added to the cover, so that even if the downdraft dust collector is installed in the open air, there is no need to set up a rain-proof shed, which reduces the user's investment.

4. Thorough cleaning and easy maintenance

The downdraft dust collector is equipped with a YJD series automatic rotary discharger combined with an air shutoff device, which can clean dust more thoroughly, reduce maintenance, and discharge dust quickly.

downdraft dust collector https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Downdraft-Dust-Collector


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